Dog owners hire trainers for many different reasons. You might be looking for a dog trainer Boston. Perhaps your dog’s behavior is just out of control or you just got a new puppy and you’re looking for help on how to get started. Well, your dog could be behaving well but you still feel like taking his skills to a higher level. No matter the reason, here are some questions to ask a dog trainer before hiring the right person.

Do you offer free consultation?

You’re asking if he or she offers free consultation because your relationship could be long-term and it’s important to be sure of the terms. Remember a dog trainer is not just a single service provider or a contractor. Start by making sure you’re getting along with the trainer and he or she is getting along with your animals. Once you’re sure everything is going on well, you can now hire him or her again for more advanced dog training.

Ask if trainer has a training facility or she has to come to your home. Carefully observe and see how your dog behaves with the trainer. Make sure she can assess the issues with your dog and explain to you what needs to be done for your dog to get back on the right track. If she has a training facility, visit her and look around. How does your dog behave at the facility? Is he comfortable there? It’s important that you hire a trainer that you’re comfortable with yourself. Inquiring and watching around for all these details should come at no cost.

What is the cost of training my dog?

Assessing the value of dog training can be quite a challenge but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask how much a trainer charges. During your consultation with the trainer, you will discuss about the number of sessions required to achieve the desired behavior or improvement. Let her inform you how much it will cost you.

Some trainers may offer a discounted rate for owners who buy a given number of training lessons ahead of time. The bottom line is that you should know how much it will cost you before even discussing if there will be more lessons and how much they will cost. You may also want to find out of the trainer offers money back guarantee if there seems to be no improvement.

Which training techniques do you use?

Dog training involves several tools and techniques and there’s no single technique that fits all. The most important thing is finding a dog trainer who uses training techniques that you would comfortable using with your dog.

Do you have any credentials? Any References?

Hire a trainer that is updated on the newest and best methods of dog training. Despite the fact that dog trainers are not required to be licensed, it’s important to hire someone who belongs to a professional dog training organization. He or she should also be well educated and willing to provide you with a list of at least three references.

How are going to measure success?

This a very important question that you can’t forget asking. The response will depend with your desired goals. No matter the reason of training your dog, you should know if your desired goals have been fulfilled at the end of the training lessons.

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